Sustainable energy (SE) is a politically independent and membership based organization working in Denmark and internationally for a sustainable world. SE actively influence all spheres of society to gradually adjust towards performing fully sustainable where public involvement and initiatives are respected and democratic principles promoted.
SE is engaged in both rural and urban areas. Intervention in rural areas within for instance sustainable natural resource management cannot ignore increase in demand for fuel wood and charcoal form under privileged populations in the cities.
The continued growth of the urban population following expanding environmental problems therefore indirectly impacts the surrounding rural areas and livelihood opportunities there. In several of SEs target areas placed in the proximity to urban centers, rural farmland and its natural resources is under immense pressure.
Approach: We believe in facilitating local and national civil societies collaborations. Programmers are carried out through civil society organizations reaching out to both the private sector and government institution
Strategic approach: Our points of departure when engaging with international development assistance are found within the environment and renewable energy sectors. Within these two sectors on –going climate change and their impacts on already vulnerable communities and local programming and used as a leverage to work with local governance and democracy challenges. This approach builds on three pillars:
  • People first- putting local citizens at the center of planning and implementation
  • The power of the example – using the example as a catalyst for change
  • Facilitation the access to knowledge and capital- as both are often limiting actors for poor countries.
Programmes: Since 1996. Sustainable energy has implemented more than 25 projects in 10 different countries which has involved thousands of people. Today we have projects and partners in eastern Africa, western Africa and southern Africa. Some of the ongoing projects include;
  1. Decentralization and climate change
  2. Kenya miniwind
  3. Promoting implementation of the Paris agreement in East Africa with focus on pro-poor low emission development (PIPA)
  4. Natural resource management committees in Sofala- Governance ,rights and climate change
  5. Improvement of the value chain of honey production contributing to economic development and poverty reduction in Sofala province
  6. Devolution and climate change adaptation in Western Kenya
  7. Accelerating implementation of regional policies on clean energy in West Africa

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