Project Name:Climate-smart communities’ response project


Target group: CBOs (men, women and youth)

The program focuses on Output 2 and 3 of the overall DaCCA Programme

Project duration: 2 and a half years starting June 2016 ending December 2018

Overall project objective:
To enhance the communities capability to cope with current climate variability/risks as well as to increase efficient resource allocation to climate change adaptation strategies

Specific objectives:

  • To increase the capacity of the communities to adapt to climate change
  • To reduce pollution and mismanagement of natural resources
  • To reduce communities vulnerability to food insecurity 
  • To increase County Government support to climate change adaptation strategies

Areas of focus:

  • Integrated Water Management
  • Sustainable Use and Management of Natural Resources
  • Food Insecurity
  • Advocacy ( creating advocacy platforms at the local level, community dialogues)

In addition to the project activities tied to outputs 2 and 3, the project will also incorporate a sustainable financial model for community solar systems in which the community members will be mobilized and organized to form and join a SACCO. The SACCO will be capacity built and facilitated to acquire the SHS units from MKOPA solar and distribute them to community members, organized into clusters.

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