Project Name: Enhancing Climate Resilience and Adaptive Capacity for Vulnerable Communities in Kisumu and Homabay Counties

Target groups:
Nine groups that will be organized in three clusters will be targeted in Kakola and Kochogo locations in Ahero ward, in Nyando sub-county and six groups that will be organized in two clusters in Wanchieng Ward in Rachuonyo North sub-county

Project objectives:
  • To create awareness, Inform and Educate the targeted communities on climate change & its impact on livelihood & natural resources.
  • To promote & upscale uptake of Climate change adaptation technologies and practices through Community-based adaptation and resilience building approaches
  • To build and sustain collaboration, partnership and networking with the targeted communities and the relevant stakeholders to ensure a collective ownership and sustainability of all climate change adaptation interventions.
Project beneficiaries:
Vulnerable and disadvantaged community members ( women, youth, physically challenged people, elderly people, OVCs,   PLWHAs, & farmers, school going children, their parents, business community) that depend on agriculture as their main source of livelihood.

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • County and National Governments
  • Legislators (County and national) 
  • Community institutions
  • Relevant stakeholders like government departments, other CSOs, research institutions  and private sectors actors that will supply needed technologies like solar equipment and energy saving stoves

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