DaCCA newsletter is a publication of project interventions by the programme’s partners in Kisumu and Homabay counties. This will be a quarterly publication that highlights climate change best practices for replication and highlights advocacy attempts by the partner Civil Society Organizations.

This maiden issue is laden with articles on the benefits of sustainable dryland farming, the life straw technology of water purification that has improved the lives of the residents of Chuowe each in Homabay county and highlights on the various engagements on Civil Society Advocacy at the 23rd UNFCCC Conference of Parties (CoP) in Bonn, Germany.
It’s our hope that this Newsletter will be informative to you.


Since the start of the DaCCA programme in September 2016, 340 energy saving stoves have been installed in both Wawidhi and Central Karachuonyo. At the same time a total of 9 community based groups comprising of about 200 members have been capacity built to produce and install the energy efficient stoves. The community members are involved in advocating for the... Read More
Farming in the face of a changing climate
Farmers have had to adapt to the conditions imposed on them by climate of thier region since the inception of agriculture, but recent human-induced climate change is throwing them some unexpected curve balls. Extreme heat,floods, drought, hail,and windstorm are some of the direct effects. In addition, there are changes in weed species and distribution, and pest and disease pressure, on top of potentially depleted soils and water stress. Fortunately, there are many practices that farmers can adopt and changes that can be made to our agricultural production system to make the system more resilient to our changing climate.. Read More
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